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art appreciation 1st lecture

Marjorie Pearl Alabat Maturan, LPT
Marjorie Pearl Alabat Maturan, LPT
College Instructor, College of Teacher Education
Surigao State College of Technology- Main Campus
Master of Arts In Education major in English
Baccalaureate: Surigao State College of Technology
Main Campus, 2018
BSEd. Major in English
Surigao State College of Technology
Del Carmen Campus, 2014
Elementary: Cancohoy Elementary School, 2010
Work Experiences:
GIP and a Volunteer Teacher , San Isidro National High School
English language and Gen.Ed.subjects tutor
Customer Service Representative, Telephilippines Davao
At the end of this week, the learners are able to:
• Discuss and explain comprehensively the different
concepts, perspectives and definitions of Humanities;
• Describe and discuss comprehensively the nature of
• Enumerate and explain the importance of Humanities;
• Present a concept map on the topic “Humanities”
discussed in the class; and
• Explain this concept comprehensively by citing an
 What is Humanities?
Humanities generally refers to art, literature, music,
architecture, dance and the theatre- areas in which human
subjectively is emphasized and individual expressiveness is
dramatized. (Zulueta, 2006, p.2)
• Latin word “humanus” – human, one
who is refined, cutured and worthy of
the dignity of man
Humanities may also be defined as the study of man’s
nature, his/her aspirations and ideals, through an
examination of his/her works using a certain format of
analysis. (Ferraro, 2008, p.1)
Humanities is defined as a cultural discourse which focuses
on the highest dignity of a man/woman or LGBT, the
greatest need to develop his/her full potentials and make
him/her a well-balanced individual as a cultured person.
What is the nature of
On the Nature of Humanities
Humanities is designed to
expose man to the fullest and
wisest exposure to his
him/her into a wellinformed and culturally
sensitive person.
Why do we need to study
Significance of Humanities
• The humanities are important in the development of
the complete social being, ready to take on his/her
responsibilities in this rapidly changing world and
enjoy life.
• Humanities gives us a broad knowledge of our history
and cultural traditions. It helps us acquire the values and
wisdom to understand and appreciate the excellence of
our people. It inspires us to exert greater efforts and at
the same time refine our taste and preferences.
Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to
an artist once we grow