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Plating Bacteria

Name: _________________________________________ Date: ___________ Period: ______
Where is bacteria growing?
1. What location contains the most bacteria?
2. Where would you like to swab for bacteria? Explain why you have chosen this location.
3. What is agar? Why do bacteria need it to grow on a plate?
Today, you and your group will be creating one plate with a swab from your chosen location, this
plate will contain agar. Our class will also be creating one plate from our chosen location, but
this plate will contain agar with antibiotics.
What will the plate with agar and antibiotics tell us about the bacteria at Lake View?
Plating Bacteria Instructions:
1. Get materials:
Plate with agar
Cotton Swab
2. With your group, choose a location to swab. Write that location below:
3. Swab location.
4. Gently, zig zag cotton swab on agar.
5. Close lid of petri dish and tape completely closed.
6. In sharpie, write the names of all group members and class period.
Observations: Make simple observations, words or pictures, to describe what you are seeing on
your petri dish.
Group Petri Dish
Class Petri Dish - Antibiotics