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Measurment Grade 8 igcse science

Revision Measurment
Measure the following
Measure the vernier calipers reading.
Measure the micrometer screw gauge reading
Draw the diagram of a pendulum ( Refer to page 7)
1. Which instrument can be used to measure the length of
a field?
Ans: Trundle wheel
2. Which instrument can be used to measure the diameter
of circular objects?
Ans: Vernier calipers and Micrometer Screw Gauge
3. How can we measure the depth of ocean?
Ans: By SONAR method, ultrasonic signals (sound
waves) are sent and time taken for it to reach the
bottom and echo back is used to calculate the depth.
4. What is length of a pendulum?
Ans: The distance from point of rigid support (S) to the
centre of the bob
5. What is amplitude of a pendulum?
Ans: The maximum distance covered by a pendulum
from its mean position
6. What is the Time period of a pendulum?
Ans: Time take by a pendulum to cover one complete
7. What is frequency?
Ans: Frequency is number of oscillations in one second.
Unit is Hertz.
8. What is the formula of density?
Ans: Density =
Please learn the questions given in the note books.
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