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“A man without education is like a building without a foundation.”
Education, the most powerful tool to change the world, brings confidence, hope, and
peace to a person. It teaches the ability to read and write and thus gain information
and become literate. It is a basic right of every human on this planet to get educated.
Restricting this right is a crime. Education helps spread knowledge in society. It
influences the mind to be able and willing to be reflective, be self-aware and mindful
of others and nurtures curiosity, agility and gives them a chance to play an active
role in the betterment of the community.
Education can reduce poverty, empower women, reduce crimes, wars, and
terrorism, and uplift the economically weaker class of people in the country. It helps
create a modern world, act as a bridge between the people and the organisations,
improve communication skills and improves the economy of the country. Thus
education plays a vital role in the lives of the citizens.
The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act was enacted in 2009 to
ensure that every child gets an education in a school in the neighbourhood by the
state governments and local bodies. Even after the amendment of the constitution,
the literacy rate is around 74.04% all around the country in the recent survey
Why? It is because of extreme poverty and lack of awareness of the importance of
education in urban and rural India. Gender discrimination and inequality against girl
child makes it more prone for them to be illiterate than compared to their male
counterparts. Non-availability of quality education, less proximity to schools and
colleges and certain social practices have also played a role in increasing the
illiteracy rates. About 92% of government schools haven’t implemented the RTE act
The government has conducted various scholarship programs to help families in
need. They’ve also provided school uniforms, textbooks, stationery, and bicycles to
students to encourage students and adults to take up studying. The Mid Day Meal
scheme (1995) and the Samagra Shiksha Programme launched by the government
help in improving school effectiveness. Awareness campaigns were also launched in
rural areas to create awareness among the people about the importance of
Most of the families in rural India are unaware of the opportunities after education
and often urge their children to take up domestic tasks or help in labour than get
educated. The people who were unable to get an education when they were
children, get embarrassed and think it’s a form of shame to attend schools when they
are adults.
So, it is very crucial to make people realise how much their life can change through
education. This can be done through regular workshops, seminars and fundraising
events conducted all around the country. The government should set up schools in
various villages and towns and increase their investment in government schools and
provide basic facilities like drinking water, functional toilets, and handwashing areas
to encourage students, especially girl children, to not drop out of school.
Vocational training can help individuals seek employments in carpentry, plumbing,
stitching, and nursing. Teachers should also be trained, educated, and qualified in
both public and private schools. This helps them to bring a positive impact on the
minds of the children.
Regressive social norms result in the lack of education and dropping out of schools
by girl children. These norms should be reformed to break the cycle of illiteracy and
patriarchal norms for future generations. These are a few of the ways awareness can
be brought about.
These are a few of the ways awareness can be brought about among the people
about the importance of education as education plays a huge role in this modern,
industrialized, and ever-changing and progressing world. People need to be
educated to survive in this competitive world and be able to fend for themselves and
their families. Without educated people, the world cannot be a better place to live in.
Thus, for the evolution of the country, education is a must.
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