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INSTRUCTIONS: Write your reflection on the space provided.
1. What real-life experiences have you gained after a Particular community engagement?
Participation of the community in school management has been shown to increase
accountability for both learning outcomes and school resources which this participation in
curriculum development, leads to a broader embrace of the educational process. Volunteering
brings you in touch with others on a regular basis and helps you build a strong support system,
which protects you from stress and despair during difficult times. Also helps our community to a
lot like the past flash flood here in Cagayan, we combined our power individual as one to help
those people who need financial assistance on food supply to the places who were flooded.
2. In what ways have your experiences significantly developed your cognitive learning?
My experience has been tough but I’ve been able to endure it and I think this lessons in life
also helped to develop myself in cognitive learning. Once a person is born on this earth, no
matter how hard he tries, he cannot escape the clutches of the earthy life until his time to leave
the world arrives. Until then he has to pass his time on this planet. Life is a magnificent
adventure for those who are willing to see it develop and be open to the shocks and surprises
that it may bring. For some, life becomes a grind since what they expected and what life gave
them were at opposing ends of the spectrum. Nobody decides what one needs out of life. It is
the result of a variety of variables that shape how life develops. Things over which we have
control appear to be easier than those over which we have no control. Problems are the word
given to such unmanageable occurrences. Every issue has a solution, just as every lock has a key.
Until we find a solution to an issue, it remains a problem.
B. INSTRUCTIONS: Write the letter that corresponds to the correct answer on the space
1. It is a form of experiential education.
a. Service learning
b. Comparative- learning
c. Participatory- learning
d. Cooperative- learning
2. It is also known as the Higher Education Act of 1997.
a. RA 9161
b. RA 8292
c. RA 6165
d. RA 6175
3. It is a form of experiential education wherein learning
Occurs through cycles of action and reflection. Students
Work with others and apply what they have learned in
Class to the community.
a. Service- learning
b. Aesthetic- learning
c. Cooperative- learning
d. Individual- learning
4. Securing ____________ from the office of student affairs
Is necessary. It must be signed by the students` parents
Or guardians as a part of the protocol in the program
a. Program
b. Activities
c. Syllabus
d. Waiver
5. This activity combines service and learning objectives. It
Aims to transform the lives of both the recipients and the
Providers of the service.
a. Service- learning
b. Aesthetic- learning
c. Cooperative- learning
d. Individual- learning ANSWER: A
C. INSTRUCTIONS: Write T if the statement is correct and F if it is not.
1. Students and faculty members involved in SLP are required to wear the prescribed school and
college T-shirt while in the community.
2. The college or university shall issue a certificate of appreciation to the cooperating
community upon the completion of the service-learning activities.
3. Partnerships and other successful relationships and connections can be developed while
participating in community service.
4. In the implementation of the program, students and faculty members should be realistic
when assessing the limitations of the community and the school.
5. Students can develop or enhance their skills, especially in the areas of communication,
collaboration and leadership in implementing the program.