Uploaded by Mark Peay

I Believe!

I believe
I believe
That my life is worth just as much as yours.
Or am I being self deceived?
I believe
I believe
But perhaps I’m disillusioned or even light headed,
Cause after all… I cant breath.
I pledge allegiance to the truth that the law says I am free
Despite the fact that I feel, it’s not just Emmit Till, but its me hanging from a tree
And to the republic of which I take a stand for Justice, that it might be found
Despite the fact that daily, that same Justice lies dying on the ground
So what am I supposed to tell my son when he asks
“Are we still one nation under God?”
And what am I supposed to tell my daughter
When she says “But daddy, all the good black men are gone”?
You see I’ve taught them that their parents are Kings and Queens
But they see us being treated like pawns
How can I teach them that royal blood flows in their veins
When that same blood is spilling on some dude’s lawn.