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Romeo and Juliet Prologue Prediction
Using the quick write, your notes from the video clips, our close reading and your
translation of the prologue, make a prediction about a possible theme we may
see emerge in our reading of Romeo and Juliet. Consider your prior knowledge
about Shakespeare’s writing. Use at least one line from the prologue to justify
your prediction – how does this line support your predicted theme for the story?
Note: Your prediction should be approximately one paragraph long. (5
When looking at the prologue for ‘Romeo & Juliet’, the reader can
easily predict that 2 family’s hate. From forth the fatal loins of these two
foes. They grew up to fall in love, but the family’s the families don’t
approve of this so they so after a while it was going fine then they
got caught and sooner than. Later they kill them self’s and after that
one of the fathers said they wanted to end. The problems between
the 2 families.