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Letter from the wife of the man who sexually assaulted me

Letter from the wife of the man who sexually assaulted me.
I never got over what John did to you. I know I should have said something or done something. Or
even checked to see what was going on. I had children of my own, you know? I wouldn’t want
something to happen to them. But honestly you hurt my feelings. I was his wife. I had given him three
beautiful children. I had raised them and taken them where they needed to be while he worked and
didn’t have to worry about them. Yeah.. my body wasn’t what it used to be. I didn’t dress up any more.
He had stopped looking at me like he did when we first dated… why should I care about how I looked
either? You and all your friends showed up in your skimpy bikinis and skinny bodies and fresh dewy
skin. Of course he looked at you. How could he not? He’s a man. You should have known better.
Your parents should have known better. When you came to our pool I knew he was looking at you the
way he used to look at me but I didn’t want to know what was happening behind that screen. So I didn’t
look. I read my book. But if it was so bad for you why didn’t you just not come back? Do you know
what you did to our family? How it embarrassed me to go to the store knowing people knew that he
had lost so much interest in me that he had to be with an 11 year old? How hard it was for John to look
his children in the eye at Christmas when he got his pass from jail to come home? You did that. All you
had to do was not come back. But you did. You came to the pool all summer tempting him with your
supple skin. Yeah.. he shouldn’t have crossed that line but I blame you as much as I do him. Life was
never the same after you came to our home that summer.