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Php 10.00Single/Married/Divorced/Widowed
All (Educated, Uneducated, and ect.)
Employed, Unemployed, Student
Alegria Municipality, its barangay, and the
surrounding localities
Product strategy
The mango dorayaki with mango filling will be served in a 5 inches bento box. The
quality taste of the products and the natural health properties of ingredients will
satisfy the customers as well as their preferences. The mango Dorayaki with
mango filling is naturally made naturally and contains no artificial flavorings and
preservatives. It’s main ingredient which is the mango, is a good source of fiber
and antioxidants including vitamin C. These vitamins are very important especially
now that we are in a pandemic because they help boost our immune systems and
fight chronic and inflammatory diseases. The products will have high quality
standard because the primary involved is the health of the consumers. The
product will be freshly served, this quality level will surely create customer value
and satisfaction.
Pricing strategy
The Mango Dorayaki with Mango Filling will use skimming pricing strategy which is
setting a high price and lowering it as the market evolves. It will be trade initially for
10php. But if the company will encounter a bad quarter, the price target from
10 pesos will be reduce 5 php, which could generate selling activity.
Sales and Distribution Plan
The Click and Mortar and Direct Selling business models are being considered by the
corporation. Products will be distributed through online selling and peddling in the
neighborhood. The mango dorayaki with mango filling will be posted in social media
pages like in Facebook page, where Customers can also buy online and get free
shipping within Brgy. Poblacion, Alegria, and SDN. They have the option of paying for
their orders using cash on delivery.
Advertising and Promotion Plan
To satisfy the customers need and wants is our main goal. Our first objective is to
provide the best products to our customers. Product will be promoted to consumers
through advertisements in prints and visual media and educating customers about the
advantages of mango.
ed with high quality packaging.We will invest in the market to
create an excellent, quality and value to the products. Also we will be aware so that we
can adjust our marketing efforts if necessary.
Promotional Tools / Specifications