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A seed tell farmer story

A seed tells a Farmer’s story
Objectives: Understand various types of farmers and realize the hardships faced by him
Understand the changing practices of farming over the years and the change in crops grown
Connecting the change in crops grown to the change in our food habit
Project Ideas
1. Visiting a farmer
Visit a farm, meet a farmer and observe the process. Interview him to understand the types of crops
he grows now, the processes and the work involved in growing a crop; collect information like
where he gets his raw materials from (like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.). Gather the same
information from the farmer for a period before twenty years. If there is a shift, they can find out
the reason for the shift and discuss the experience.
Outcome: The students can write a narrative on ‘One day in the life of a farmer’ or ‘Today vs a day
before twenty years in a farmers life’
Learning outcome: The students can see and understand the hard work behind their food. They can
also learn the shift in agriculture practices and link it with their current food habits. They can also
reason out the shift in agricultural practices with changing conditions.
2. Understanding the food we eat
The students can prepare an album of food that are common. The album could include details such
o Ingredients of the food item,
o Place of cultivation
o Labor involved in growing the food crops
o Conditions necessary for the crop (type of soil, amount of water, climate, rainfall, the
cropping pattern, the technology or labor needed, etc.)
Learning outcome: The students can understand the process of food production and visualize the
labour involved.
3. Understanding the food diversity in classroom
The students can be grouped to collect the list of food items consumed in their respective homes (It
must also include the grains used and method of procuring the grains). Include both, the food
consumed in the past and present.
Learning Outcome: Helps in understanding how the food has changed over the years.