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Ethic Final Exam

Name: Jef E. Joaquin BSIT -2nd Year
1. I agree that our society is intoxicated with technology. Whether one concurs with each of
the six symptoms identified in High Tech / High Touch is not really the point—we need
look no further than popular attitudes about technological unemployment and global
warming to provide convincing evidence that we are intoxicated with technology. In the
case of unemployment, the prevailing attitude is that new types of jobs will come from
somewhere, regardless of our inability to identify the source. “We’ll invent
something…” With global warming, many people ignore the fact that the widespread use
of technology is the primary cause of global warming and claim that new technology (yet
to be invented or even conceptualized) will allow us to avoid this coming disaster.
2. A company can improve ethical performance by creating a values-based ethics program
such as ethics policies or codes, top management commitment, ethics and compliance
offices and officers, ethics training programs, ethics reporting mechanisms, and ethics
3. Privatization is having an organization run independently from the government.
Privatized organizations can be run as non-profit, not-for-profit, or for profit firms.
Federalized organizations are those run by the government. A private organization is
any partnership, corporation, person, or agency that is not operated by a profit or a
public body. It includes all businesses that are for-profit that are not government
owned or operated. ... A company or corporation that is run by the government are run
in the public sector. Federalized organizations must be managed by the government,
but in return these organizations have much higher oversight and regulations.