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Tools of the Trade Project

Forensic Science Unit 6 Toolmarks and Other Impressions
Tools of the Trade Project
You have been called on to add new references into a toolmark database.
Find 10 different items that can be considered tools or that can leave impressions that one might find at
a crime scene.
For each item, create a database entry that includes the following:
• A picture of the tool and the mark(s) it can leave (abrasion, cutting, indention). If it leaves more than
one type of mark, make sure to explain this.
• Explain what makes tool marks categorized as class or individual evidence.
• Explain in what type of crime the tool could be used and give example of real crime in which it was
Submit your 10 database entries to your supervisor in the form of a google slide presentation of at least
12 slides (1 Intro Slide, at least 1 per tool, and 1 bibliographic slide).