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Car Seat Brochure

Infant Car Seat Safety
Never place an infant in
the front seat.
Never leave an infant
unattended or alone.
Airbags may cause more
impact and severely
injure children.
Recommended age to sit
in the front seat is 13
Close supervision helps
prevent falls or injuries
(Ball et al., 2017).
Car Seat Recommendations
for Infants
Keep infant in the back seat with a rear-facing
seat until they reach 2 years old (Ball et al.,
Once child reaches 20 lb (estimated around 15
months), a forward facing car seat may be used.
It is recommended for a child to be in a rearfacing seat until they outgrow the seat (Ball et
325 children under
the age of 5 years
are saved by car
seats each year
(NTSDA, n.d.)
1. Right seat
2. Right place
3. Right direction
Other Resources
To have car seat inspected by a technician, visit the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Services provided…
Federally approved seat recommendations
Car seat installation tips
Car seat inspection
Register car seat for any recall or safety notices