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Tabatinga, and a third, two trips a month between Para and
John XII. in 963. His appeal to Otto the Great to intervene
P. Paulitschke, Ethnographic Nordost-Afrikas (2 vols.,
fuller bibliographies in separate departments have been given
canton Valais, Switzerland, being a well-known locality.
Like the Lyceum of Galata Serai in Constantinople, it has
are often crushed for use as an abrasive agent. (See GARNET.)
flourishing Moslem cities on the east African sea-boards.
Tunisia. as the Tell (Arabic for ``hill''). It is a mountainous
east. In the interior of South Africa the year 1884 witnessed
greatest. The booster E.M.F. now acts with the dynamo
founded on Oribasius and compiled from various sources,
a minimum of 518 in 1877 and a maximum of 1657 in 1892; in
the situation until we account for the fourth portion of the
give rise to a transient form of albuminuria. (5) Adolescent
not claimed by Rome were as a matter of course left in the
Jean Rousset de Missy at the Hague in 1719. A laudatory life,
The embryo thus passes from the body of the female into
polished makes a beautiful ornament. The mollusc itself is
tendency to steatopygia among the women. The Akka are nomads,
in dyeing and tissue printing. For the last-named purpose
treated in detail in P. Moissonnier, L'Aluminium (Paris,
stage are worthy of notice: the gaize and phosphatic beds of
formation of anticlinals traversing the northern districts of
alpacas and mohairs are dealt with under WOOL. (A. F. B.)
Abeokuta (a word meaning ``under the rocks,''), dating
disclosures made with reference to his contributions to the
court roll as ``in mercy'' (sit in misericordia), and
the young duke of Weimar. Here he took part in founding Jena
earlier half of the 7th century B.C. In the next century
foliated or banded structure due to movements and pressure
Veronese physician Victor Algarotus about the end of the 16th
office of experiment stations which represents the department
1726. It is about 300 m. long, from north to south, and
but the parts of the body were the units, and money consisted
councillor. In 1754, after seven years' residence partly in
in 1828 was secretary to the nuncio at Paris and was made
On the ninth is kept the Fast of Ab, or the Black Fast, to
the respiration, pulse and facial aspect, is able to judge
adduced many examples of the comparatively rapid constitutional
salts, and basic salts with iron, aluminium, lead and copper.
S.A.A. in regimental charge is 100 rounds in the possession
(b) Works on History on. Schasler, Kritische Geschichte
of Zeus Panhellenius, whose cult was also set up at Olympia.
the respiration, pulse and facial aspect, is able to judge
through a construction company, the Credit Mobilier Company of
Aellan was the real author of most of Arrian's Tactica,
ascend in the same circumstances, because dew is shed by the
for burnt sacrifice; these were placed in the open air,
del Cane, from the floor of which warm carbonic acid gas
diminished (1905; 94 N.Y. Supplt. 372). On the continent of
intellectual powers of perception, memory, reason and will
deal with shipping matters, but also with all other commercial suits.
right, and at the back, dormitories are excavated opening
storey in its present form is not earlier in date than the
valley. On the other hand, in the southern states there
devoted herself entirely to works of charity. She entered into
interest as well, they are dealt with in a separate section.
and his ministers, and the Comneni were almost compelled
necessary for the growing of cereals was everywhere provided.
considerable; and in 1788 he added to it by securing his
(q.v.), who was consecrated first bishop of Ethiopia by St
vessels manned by traders and trappers. Kodiak was discovered
the most important are his investigation of the mass of
whose bite is fatal to all domestic animals, is common
consignments of imported articles of food and enjoins them
him in Crete, as a buckler when he went forth to do battle
Norway. With certain modifications, the most important of which
of the Guapore with the Mamore. The junction of the
married to three of Prince's nearest disciples. Despite the
many potsherds, coins and bronze, iron and other objects;
wrought and often distinguished by flashes of spirited song and
who live in very small settlements, sometimes of the Russian
had an extensive trade in cutlery, from which it was named
(Blanchet died in Senegal on the 6th of October 1900, a
of Sebastian, came to London, and the friendship between
facing inwards towards Acre. The Christians opposed them
country being particularly small. One English county alone,
Among insects the most numerous and useful is the bee, honey
deemed conducive to the progress of agriculture and forestry.
bargain was that a fifth of the purchase money should be paid
pasture. He can attend to it and yet give a certain number