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Hello,Im Muhilan im here to talk about the crisis green sea turtles are facing.*picture*wow what a
beautiful picture of the ocean huh?
Well yes and it is also home to the turtle species im gonna talk about.*ppicture*Green sea turtles or
should i say the remanants are usually found in the
atlantic,Pacific and in the indian oceans.They can be also found in the medetaraninan
sea.*pictureBefore we get to discussing the crisis at hand i would like to share that
these turtles are important to the eco system as they are known as the ocean cleaners.Why you
ask?.These turtles often sweep dust with their
fins while swimming this helps to get rid of the dirt and garbage lying on the ocean
floor.*picture*currently green sea turtles are facing
the threat of extinction and one of the leading causes i CLIMATE CHNAGE!.tHERE are three critical ways
climate change is affecting
these species.*picture*what you are looking at rn is a picture of green turtles's eggs.a
interesting fact is that the gender of these turtles are decided by the temperature around the egg they
hatch out of.If the temperature is warmer
the turtle would be female if the temp is colder it would be a male.climate change however causes the
earth to heat up so when the eggs are laid
the temperature would lead to most eggs hatching to reveal female turtles.And without enough male
turtles the population of the species is
steadily declining.*PICTURE*Another way climate change affects the species would be by causing sea
leves to rise which would then destroy
nesting habitats which also affects the population.Last but not least the most impactful way climate
change affects these turtles would be
by causing sea levels to rise which would in turn cause tsunamis hurricanes that would completely
destroy the turtles habitat.However there is still
some hope left.we can prevent climate change by reducing the trees cut down and use eco friendly
modes of transportation.
such as public transport and electric cars.I have made a green sea turtle model that acts as a stationery
and garbage holder.It also helps
raise awarnes as i had put a piece of paper that reads STOP CLIMATE CHANGE SAVE US
TURTLES.hopefuly climate change can be stopped
and the green sea turtle speices wont go extinct.Thank you and good bye