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Supporting wellbeing accessible

Supporting wellbeing
There are many tools and techniques you can use to support and promote
individuals’ wellbeing. As a general rule, in order to follow best practice you
• Use a person-centred approach to care and support.
• Use person centred tools with the individual to identify what is important to
them, what they want to achieve and the different ways of achieving this.
• Keep Care Plans and Support Plans under review, to ensure they always
reflect the wishes and preferences of individuals.
• Ensure individuals have access to regular healthcare appointments.
• Work collaboratively with an individual’s relatives, close friends and people of
importance with the individual’s consent to enable you to support. Individuals
to maintain meaningful social interactions and connections
• Ensure information is provided using the individual’s preferred method of
• Ensure individuals are able to access emotional support networks to support
psychological and emotional wellbeing.
• Support individuals to access the community.