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New Testament Survey - Acts Playbill Rubric

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New Testament Survey
Acts Playbill Rubric – 50 points
Cover (5 pts)
● Relevant to the book & attention grabbing
Plot summary (12 pts)
● Covers major themes (not only random details)
● Well written (good flow) and interesting
● Accurate
Scene List (12 pts)
● Groups the book logically into major divisions (watch for “passing the baton”)
Cast biographies (12 pts)
● Nine major characters are included
● Key details from character’s biographies and role in Acts are included
● Well written and interesting
● Accurate (e.g. doesn’t confuse the Jameses)
Ads (4 pts)
● Creative and relevant
● Two ads
Overall (5 pts)
● Work is neat & creative
● Grammar/spelling
Bonus Points (up to 3 pts)
 Demonstrated extra creativity
 Went above and beyond expectations
 Showed superior understanding of Acts