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Passives Rephrasing

1. A famous architect built our block of flats in 1982.
2. People eat a lot of burgers nowadays in the USA.
3. Someone has designed these earrings in Italy.
4. Farmers don’t grow tea in Britain.
5. People don’t often use horses for transport now.
6. People send millions of emails every day.
7. The Beatles didn’t record this song.
8. People didn’t eat potatoes in Europe until the 17th century.
9. The parents won’t meet the children at the airport after their trip to Rome.
10. A dangerous driver caused the accident.
11. The manager will watch the new players.
12. People saw the race all over the world.
13. Lots of people signed the petition.
14. He won’t complete the sculpture in two weeks.
15. They have sold many paintings since last week.
16. Will they send the letter tomorrow?
17. Has the mother fed her baby girl yet?
18. Lots of people have used this computer.
19. They will give John an award.
20. They must interview Sandra tomorrow.
21. They should paint the house in the summer.
22. They will show you the new decoration of their house.
23. You must post this parcel before two o'clock.
24. How did Fleming discover penicillin?
25. Has the dog hidden the slippers?
26. They have given him a big package.
27. Someone offered us a job two days ago.
28. The teacher asked me a question.
29. Someone must tell him about the accident.
30. They are going to rebuild the Town Hall.
31. People expect Barc╠ža will get to the final.
32. Nobody could find the lost climber.
33. The police have arrested the thieves.
34. Jane gave me a present for my birthday.
35. They are building a new car park in the neighbourhood.
36. I went to the hairdresser and he cut my hair.
37. People thought that Jimmy Hendrix was a genius.
38. People believe King Arthur lived in the 9th century.
39. People expect that Rodrigo Rato will resign due to the BBVA scandal.
40. A professional photographer will take all my wedding photographs.
41. They told Peter not to play such loud music.
42. Everybody should read this article carefully.
43. Bob sold the house in the hill to Mr Brown.
44. People believe that the Loch Ness Monster really existed.
45. My car needs servicing.
46. They sacked Mary last week.
47. Someone stole Ann's purse in the underground.