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Career Connections- Software Resources

to Your
Our offices are in the Center for Business and
Industry (CBI) building in room C1-34.
Follow the yellow wall to the right of the security
guard as you come in the building
Virtual Job Shadow
A video-based career planning service. It offers real-life
job shadowing insights from real people across multiple
professions and industries. You can explore different
career opportunities and plan your, including finding
and comparing colleges if you want to continute your
education . You will also find links to jobs and
internships via Indeed.
Online Self Service
Big Interview
An interview prep service that allows you to record
yourself practicing mock interviews. You can choose
from basic interview questions or questions
personalized for the specific job you are applying for.
Practicing your answers to common interview
questions will help you be less nervous, and recording
will allow one of the Career Connections Pathway
Coordinators to review your recordings and give you
tips to improve your chances of getting a job offer.
Career Connections
Employment Hub (CCEH)
This employment platform will connect you to our
employer partners, job opportunities, and other
employment resources. Upload your resume and
someone will review it. Once it’s approved, employers
looking to hire students like you can find your resume in
their candidate searches, without you having to apply for
a job. You can access additional job search resources,
workshops, and register for career fairs and employer
events to help you locate job opportunities. while you're
attending or once you finish with your program at
Community College of Philadelphia.
Personal Service
Career Connections
Make an appointment with one of the Career
Connections Pathways Coordinators through CCEH.
Nicholas Miller, Career Connections Pathways
Coordinator: jamiller@ccp.edu
Kari Scott, Career Connections Pathways
Coordinator: kkscott@ccp.edu
Beverly Halsey, Manager of Employer
Partnerships: bhalsey@ccp.edu
Ayanna Washington, Director, Career
Connections: awashington@ccp.edu
Office hours in CBI Building, C1-34
Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm
Walk-in hours are Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4 pm