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Human Rights: In the Face of Technology

Mati, San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur
School of Teacher Education
1st semester, A.Y. 2020-2021
Program/Year/Course: BSEd 1b – GEC 103
LESSON 8 - Activity 1. Think about it
Direction: Directions: Create a reflection paper on how you can protect your (human) rights in
the face of technological advancements and ethical dilemmas.
Human Rights: In the Face of Technology
Humans and society became too dependent on technology. We can say that
technology have made our lives easier, brought new tools for finding and solving
problem in everyday life. The latest advancements in technology are a great
achievement, but every great achievement comes with great responsibility. If we fail to
fulfill that responsibility, it might cause harm to ourselves and the other. In the face of
growing technology, human rights are at stake.
Computers and the internet are widely used technology as of today. In my
experience, social media is a good way to share about yourself and what’s happening in
your life. But other failed to respect the right of others and post inappropriate contents
that might be traumatic for them. Also, use it to humiliate and bully others. As a
responsible person, I would only share appropriate posts and respect others by being
conscious on every action I make to protect not only for my rights but also for others as
well. Respect is deserved by the person who is also doing it. But we cannot avoid that
there are people that are really unethical in their way, to protect my rights, I would
choose to block that person. Moreover, I will not overshare everything about myself on
social media platforms, especially my sensitive personal information.
The ethical dilemma I have read that I find scary is the rise of AI or “Artificial
Intelligence”. The gap between human thinking and machine thinking became closer
every year. I have reflected on my self what would happen if the AI’s turn to us, just like
what I saw in the movies like “Terminator “or “I, Robot”. If I were a programmer or have
a chance to tell the programmer of an AI, I would consider protocols in the code that will
protect humans from harm.
Therefore, it depends on us on how we are going to use the technology, we can
use it as a tool for change or a tool for destruction. In the end, what is important is the
rights of every person. It is people who harm other people, not technology. We should
use it to find solutions, instead of making it a problem.
Clamohoy, Dexter M. – BSED-1B
November 11, 2020