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Character review - Individual

Character Review Project
Name: _________________________________________
If these characters were _____________.
Use this assignment to show what you know about the characters we’ve read about so far in the text.
You’ll draw, quote, and explain each character that you are assigned.
1. Find evidence (quotes) that distinguishes each character from the others.
List main characters:
2. Decide how each character would best be represented within your topic:
3. Design a poster that displays your ideas. The poster should include a visual representation of your character as
an item within in your topic, evidence for your character (a quote with page number), and an explanation for each
character that relates the evidence to the visual.
The following things will be considered on your poster:
Art: Full credit for art that is a unique and original adaptation of the character (don’t recreate cartoon
characters nor real people). Art reflects an impressive interpretation of the character in the novel.
Evidence: Full credit for diverse evidence that covers multiple parts of the character, including social class,
physical attributes, personality, and relationships with other characters. Evidence is cited with a page number.
Explanation: Full credit for explanations that tie the evidence and art together to make clear conclusions.
Divide and conquer. Once you decide upon a general course of action, divide up your time:
you need art, facts, and explanation written.
Visual appeal. Make a plan before you start writing on the poster. Add a border. Outline art in black.
Organize evidence and explanations clearly.
Keep an eye on the time.