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week 4 paper

Team Dynamics Paper
Soarve’ S. McClendon(O’Neal)
Ian Rosen(Facilitator)
Soc 110
Jaune 18, 2018
Team Dynamics Paper
Team dynamics are made up of several different factors. Some teams work
well as the chemistry of the group is natural whiles others are forced based
on circumstances beyond their control. In the paper there will be information
on the factors that contribute o team dynamic as well as a detailed
explanation on the productivity of the team as based on the dynamics. Lastly
the paper will describe how these examples can be applied in persons
personal or professional life.
Different factors influence a group dynamic. Some factors are positive while
others may have a negative affect on the group. For example, if a group of
individuals are assigned to a project yet the group lacks communication, no
progress will be made causing a negative effect on the group and all efforts
to meet certain goals. This group will remain in the storming phase never
progressing to the norming phase. The lack of communication is the
negative factor on the group.
Group dynamics are extremely important when meeting a goal. The phrase
attitude denotes leadership is exactly right as not having the proper
leadership may the main cause in the groups dysfunction. For example, not
having a clearly defined leader or go to person will cause chaos. If the
appointed leader is deemed as unable to make a logical decision this may
Team Dynamics Paper
also pose a problem for the group. All the above-mentioned things can be
applied to real life situations be it personal or professional. All professions
require teamwork and or team dynamic.
When being apart of the group its important to make sure you are not the one
causing the group to break down or not participating. There are several
factors to consider as a team member, are you the aggressor, which is the
person who never agrees with any suggestions. Are you the negator which is
the person who is most critical of other ideas or are you the with drawer
which is the person who never has any suggestions. Lastly, maybe you are
the leader. As the leader it’s important to always consider everyone’s
opinions and approaches then make a decision a see it to the end.
In conclusion, this paper contained information on this factor of team
dynamics as well as how effectives the teams are wand what factors can
cause teams to break down. Some information in this paper may apply to
personal of professional situations.