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Overseas MBBS Consultant in Indore

LAKSHYA MBBS Overseas Education Consultancy
MBBS Abroad Consultants in Indore
Lakshya MBBS Overseas Education Consultancy is one of the most trusted MBBS Abroad Consultants in
Indore. We are providing the best Guidelines to students and Parents for making bright future. We aim
to guide our students with best possible institutions around the globe, along with step-by-step guidance.
Why Should I Study MBBS IN Abroad
Low Tuition Fees:-Studying MBBS in abroad is way cheaper than studying in MBBS India with the
fees being as low as 13@ lakh for entire MBBS course. The college fees will be paid in yearly
No Donation:-Apart from the low fee structure, there will be no donation for studying MBBS in
abroad which is not the case for Indian private colleges. That is right; you will get MBBS
Admission without any donation.
MCI and WHO approved Medical Universities:-All Medical Universities are MCI and WHO
approved and also approved by their respective national regulator of education, the student will
be eligible to practice in India or any other country subject to fulfillment of the eligibility criteria.
Medium of Instruction is English:-The medium of instruction will be English for MBBS in Ukraine,
Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Georgia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.
Global Job Opportunities:-MBBS in abroad open the doors of the world for you. You can practice
anywhere in the world after completing your MBBS degree and complying with the eligibility
criteria of the country of your choice where you wish to practice.
No Hidden Cost:-The dealings and consulting provided by Lakshya MBBS is 100% genuine. We
retain the trust of our clients and have emerged as the leading institution. We guarantee 100%
satisfaction from our services. There will be no hidden information or cost when you deal with
us. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.
Advance Academic Curriculum:-The structure of the MBBS in abroad is based on the latest and
updated trends, findings and the most advanced curriculum present currently in the world. This
means that the students are fed with the best and latest knowledge which benefits them in their
career ahead. They will acquire the latest technology and medicinal know-how upon the
completion of their MBBS in abroad.
Low Fees and Cost of Living:-Another advantage with the affordable fees structure is that the
cost of living is also low and affordable. This helps to lower the cost significantly for the student.
Overseas MBBS Consultant in Indore
Lakshya MBBS is a premier Overseas MBBS Consultant in Indore. We are a team of professional experts
well trained and have complete knowledge about the overseas education. We deliver our students the
complete prospects and information regarding admission, studying abroad, Counseling, Visa process,
etc. Direct call us on 9111777949 or you can visit our website for more information!
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