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Exercise Guide
1. Subraya la opción correcta (1 pt c/u)
a) I (do – does) yoga twice a week.
b) My sister always (do – does) a mess in my bedroom.
c) My cousins (do – does) so much noise all the time.
d) My mom (do – does) the cooking and we (do – does) the washing.
e) Just (do – does) your job.
f) My sister (do – does) the laundry on Saturdays.
2. Cambia de afirmativo a interrogativo (1 pt c/u)
a) My friends have jobs.
Do my friends have jobs?
b) Emily studies in this university.
c) Mary and Lucy work together.
d) You speak German perfectly.
Does Emily study in this university?
Do Mary and Lucy work together?
Do you speak German perfectly?
e) Dogs need vaccines and vitamins too.
f) You have a Facebook account.
Do dogs need vaccines and vitamins too?
Do you have a Facebook account?
3. Escribe preguntas con “Do” y “Does” (1 pt c/u)
Ej: I like Chocolate. How about you?
Do you like chocolate?
1. Lisa plays tennis. How about her friends?
Do her friends play tennis?
2. Tom speaks French. How about his brother?
Does his brother speak French?
3. Charlie plays soccer. How about Richard?
Does Richard play soccer?
4. I do yoga every morning. How about her?
Does she do yoga every morning?
5. Susan often goes to the beach. How about Lucy?
6. I love chemistry. How about you?
Do you love chemistry?
7. John lives near here. How about his sister?
8. Your work hard. How about Ana?
Does Lucy often go to the beach?
Does his sister live near here?
Does Ana work hard?