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Case Ch.2

Hồng Thy Võ
Q1: Yes. Carol made the right decision because she was able to keep the
customers happy (that the items are not out of stocks) and she aso maintained the
Q2: Dave's reaction will probably be either positive or negative depending on
Carol's behavior. If Carol communicates positively, Dave will be happy and accept
the leader's innovation; but if the attitude of Carol is bad, this leads to conflict.
Nhung Nguyen
Dave will be angry at first that Carol disobeyed his instructions. However, the
increased sales figures should help him calm down
Xuân Mai Trần
Q2: I think Dave will change his mind and accept her action. Because of the
increased revenue in sales, Carol can prove that selling more healthy food does not
affect the total revenue of their restaurant. Therefore, he may let Carol continues
sales more healthy food instead of running out of the new items,
Hồng Thy Võ
Q2: Dave's reaction depends on the way Carol approaches him. If she blame
him/insult him and his ideas, then he will be angry and Carol made the mistakes that
she didnt follow his instruction. If she approaches him politely and professionally, he
may be happy and Carol can get a reward
Question 3
Quynh Huong Duong
The risk will be the loss of old and new customers. Loyal customers continue
to purchase those items. New customers would be driven away when the restaurant
was out of that item and offered something else instead.
Hồng Thy Võ
The risk is that they may lose both old and new customers. new customers
won't go to the restaurant after some times because the restaurant can't offer them
the items they wanted.
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Question 2
Hotels and convention centers desire to maximize profit However, personal
Wi-Fi hotspots not only present security risks but also drain the performance of the
network as a whole as multiple access points overwhelm the capacity of the system.
Question 4
Instead of jamming the wifi and hotspots connection and offering expensive
wifi packages, why dont they upgrade the systems and charge it directly to the room
Question 6
Actually, I think no. FFC is an enforcement bureau so they have full
responsibility with their position and protection customer's right. Imagining if they let
things happen with no extreme punishment for violate case, customers would be the
first who are affected directly.