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From the short review above, key findings emerge that most of the residents of Barangay
Nasisi, Ligao City are aware on busted and faulty street lights. We describe the results of how
often they encounter the busting and faulty of the street lights in the said barangay, which shows
that most of them said that they notice it 7 to 10 times. This suggests that ____% of 20
respondents are often noticed the busted and faulty street lights in the area of Barangay Nasisi.
The interview showed that the most possible causes of faulty and busted street lights encountered
by the residents of the barangay are the location, weather condition, technical failures, accident
hotspots and the least possible cause is the switching off of the street lights in barangay Nasisi.
Our findings on the importance of having well-function street lights in the said barangay
shows that most of the people in the area of Barangay said that it is very important to have useful
street lights. This is an important finding in the development and improvement of the street lights
in Nasisi. Another promising finding was that some of them suggest that the Barangay Officials
could put up a temporary and functional street lights since the road widening is not yet on-going.
This section summarises the findings and contributions made. It performs well, giving
good results. This gives clearly better results. It leads to good results, even if the improvement is