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My name is Alex Eubank a.k.a. the Greek God on social media and
I am absolutely in love with the golden era of bodybuilding. The
aesthetics, proportions, and symmetry just can’t be beat. I aspire
to help others create a more aesthetic figure going towards that
ultimate Greek God physique! I am 20 years old and I live outside
of Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve been working out since I was 16 and
its been a passion for me ever since. Other things that I love
include my relationship with God as I am very open on my
Christianity. I use this experience as my basis for the claims and
advice given in this program. I am not a certified dietician,
physician or personal trainer. As with any exercise program, if at
any point during your workout you begin to feel faint, dizzy, or
have physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and
consult a medical professional.
structure of the
Greek god II program
This program is a total of 96 days and is exactly what I will
personally be using as I wrote this up for myself. The split is a 4
day Chest & Biceps / Back & Triceps / Shoulder & Arms / Leg
day split. The program is split into 2 stages. Stage 1 being days 1
through 48 and stage 2 being 48 through 96. Throughout the
course of stage 1 you need to keep track of the amount of weight
you are lifting on each exer
cise. When it comes to how close to
failure you should go given the rep ranges I recommend going
until failure with full range of motion on every set unless it says
otherwise. Meaning if I am going to do barbell curls and it calls
for 8 reps. You
You should pick a weight that when you are at the 8th
rep, you are barely able to keep perfect form, control, and range
of motion. This program includes a lot of drop sets as well which
is a technique that I love using. Once you do the reps that are
stated, drop the weight about 50% and perform the same
amount of reps and that counts as 1 drop set. You will also see in
this program that there are substages set that change the
amount of reps and weight you will be using. It will start a normal
rep range/weight for about a week then the next will be a lower
weight, high rep week. Then after that a higher weight, lower rep
week. This is so that we are able to hit a wide variety of weights,
rep ranges, and intensities. If you have any questions regarding
the program feel free to reach out to my Instagram. I highly
recommend you have at least a year of training experience
before this, or do the first Greek god program before going to
this one as I believe it is slightly more advanced. Thank you so
much for supporting me buying this and I can't wait to hear from
f rom
you on how well
well it works!!
STAGE 1 (1-48)
Track the amount of weight being performed on each exercise
for the first 48 days. The second stage of the program you should
be focused on using more weight in the exercises than from the
first stage.
Normal Rep Ranges Moderate Weights Days 1-8
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
High Rep Ranges Lower Weights Days 9-16
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 12
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Low Rep Ranges Higher Weights Days 17-24
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Day 20
Day 21
Day 22
Day 23
Day 24
Normal Rep Ranges Moderate Weights Days 25-32
Day 25
Day 26
Day 27
Day 28
Day 29
Day 30
Day 31
Day 32
High Rep Ranges Lower Weights Days 33-40
Day 33
Day 34
Day 35
Day 36
Day 37
Day 38
Day 39
Day 40
Low Rep Ranges Higher Weights Days 41-48
Day 41
Day 42
Day 43
Day 44
Day 45
Day 46
Day 47
Day 48
STAGE 2 (49-96)
Try and increase the amount of weight lifted on each exercise
f rom the previous 48 days. Progressive overload is key to
to gaining
Normal Rep Ranges Moderate Weights Days 49-56
Day 49
Day 50
Day 51
Day 52
Day 53
Day 54
Day 55
Day 56
High Rep Ranges Lower Weights Days 57-64
Day 57
Day 58
Day 59
Day 60
Day 61
Day 62
Day 63
Day 64
Low Rep Ranges Higher Weights Days 65-72
Day 65
Day 66
Day 67
Day 68
Day 69
Day 70
Day 71
Day 72
Normal Rep Ranges Moderate Weights Days 73-80
Day 73
Day 74
Day 75
Day 76
Day 77
Day 78
Day 79
Day 80
High Rep Ranges Lower Weights Days 81-88
Day 81
Day 82
Day 83
Day 84
Day 85
Day 86
Day 87
Day 88
High Rep Ranges Lower Weights Days 57-64
Day 89
Day 90
Day 91
Day 92
Day 93
Day 94
Day 95
Day 96