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slot review

NB – the following general points for the reviews. This will be a standard format below for all reviews.
Don’t use question? or exclamation! marks or the word “etc” in reviews.
Please don’t write my reviews from other reviews as we don’t know that this content is accurate, so get the
info direct from the game itself.
Stay with the facts, please don’t make false or misleading statements like “you will win huge amounts of
money playing this slot”
Limited waffle, fluff content, I don’t want a review full of rhetoric and opinions – just the facts please.
Be accurate, stay on the topic, don’t mention unrelated things not related to the game.
Make sure you explain the bonuses well. 100% explanation of bonuses is required.
You don’t need to mention basic things like “to play the game just choose your bet size and lines and press
the spin button” Just focus on explaining the game and its features, you don’t need to explain how to play
the game or “the baby steps” as players know these basics already. So, don’t mention the obvious like “You
press the “spin” button to start the game”
No need to mention the game is mobile compatible as 100% are all these days.
Game name & the use of the word “online slot” or “slot game” about 5 times max in the review. So,
keyword density example the “xyz” slot game is about 1 %. I prefer very low keyword density.
I don’t need any images provided.
Review must pass a copyscape or similar plagiarism test, include screenshot of test results.
I only want the game reviewed, I don’t want anything about where the game can be played or any off-topic
content about online casinos in the review.
For details of RTP%, release date, volatility and other, some of this info may be available at
https://slotcatalog.com/en or may be obtained from the game info help menu.
I would like 4 paragraph headings as per below for the review – All CAPITALS.
"basic introduction quick / fast facts overview of the game / theme / genre / style, year released (if known),
software provider & bonus features / paylines intro, reel format style, min / max bets possible, RTP and
volatility rating (if known)" this is sort of a fast facts paragraph to introduce the game to the reader.
Feel free to use tables or bullet points in this section whichever is best suitable.
"info about the base game symbols and pays for each one explained here"
Use tables in this section for easy explanation.
"detailed info about all the bonuses, their pays & any other special features explained here, please cover all
bonuses and features the game has"
Feel free to use bullet points in this section if/as required.
"final round up & summary thoughts here"