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2- Internship Final Report Guidelines

Internship Report Guidelines
Every student is required to write an Internship Report upon completion of their
internship. Reports usually go through multiple rounds of revision in collaboration with
the internship mentor. This is to be a formal report that could be shared with others.
The Internship Report serves multiple purposes:
Help the student develop written communication skills
Serve as an archival record of the internship experience
Give the student an opportunity to reflect on the professional aspects of the
internship experience and the skills that were learned
Have the student to reflect on the initial goals of the internship and how they were
(or were not) achieved during the internship
Industrial Internship Training Report Objective
The main objective of the Report is to prepare the student to write a professional and
detailed report. This should demonstrate his/her ability to present specific information and
to develop his overall communication skills. The essence of the Report is to describe the
work a student has undertaken during his internship, the techniques he has learned, the
skills he has acquired, the contributions he has made to his work environment and the
conclusions he has drawn from his experience.
Report Quality
1. The organization of the Final Report should be in sequence and it should help the reader
to obtain a clear understanding of the detailed points presented in the report.
2. Topics within the report should be coherent, clear and concise. Discussions should be
focused on work-oriented.
3. The report should be illustrated with appropriate tables, diagrams and graphs where
necessary. Tables and graphs should be properly labeled.
4. Any facts and figures about the company where the internship was completed should be
supported by references, internal company reports, etc.
5. The report should be a between 10-12 pages.
6. The report should describe your work in your own words.
7. The report should have a bibliography and references, where appropriate.
A draft report should be submitted and reviewed by Internship Coordinator of the
department before the Final Report is submitted to the department for grading.
Structure guidelines:
 One new-line space between section or sub-section or paragraphs
 Cannot have a title on a page and the paragraph on another
 Start each Part in a new page
Sections and sub-sections are numbered
1, 1.1, 1.2, …. 2, 2.1, ....., 3, 3.1, …..
Capitalizing first letter in titles
1. Profile of the Host Organization
Title style of sections and sub-sections are bold, font-size 14 (Times New Roman)
After the section title, include a short description listing the sub-sections
Paper, Font and Spacing
Font: Times New Roman
• Size: 14 points bold for main headings
13 points bold for sub-headings
12 points for all other text
• Spacing: 1.5 Line Spacing
All reports must have consistent margins of 2.50 cm at the top and bottom, and 3.18 at the
binding side and 2.5 at the other side of the page.
All pages except the title page are numbered. This includes full-page photographs, charts
and graphs, the bibliography, and appendices. For the pretext pages, use small Roman
numerals (ii, iii, etc.). Page i is the abstract page, but the page number is not printed on this
The first item on the Table of Contents list should be the Abstract. This will be followed
by the title page, the approval page and any dedication or acknowledgment section you
may wish to include. This is numbered in the small Roman series, with the page numbers
displayed. The remainder of the internship report is numbered with Arabic numerals (1, 2,
The page numbers that are displayed must be centered at the bottom of each page, within
the bottom margin.
Interview details
On campus
All students enrolling the senior project and internship course has to prepare the following:
 An A4 brown file that holds a label:
 Name
 ID
 Major
 Spring 2022
Inside the A4 file
1- Booklet Report – in lecture discussion about style of packaging
2- A hard copy of the internship paper – official paper stamped and signed
3- A CD that contains all the above 1, 2 and a PowerPoint presentation
 Your presentation has to be well prepared in English language ONLY with the
major points and ideas, Duration Time 10 minutes.
 Your answers during the Interview in English language ONLY in a high level of
 It is obligatory to wear a formal wear during the presentation day that will be
assigned later in another announcement.
Online interview
 The interview will be held via Microsoft Teams with Camera ON
 Notice that you MUST be wearing formal cloth