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How to Make Data Tables

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Directions for Judges - Virtual LISC 2022
Junior and Senior Divisions - Virtual Judging Period - Monday, April 25th through Friday, April 29th
On the evening before judging begins, you will receive an email from the Judge Coordinator (Mary
Kroll - mtkroll.lisc@gmail.com) containing the IDs of the projects you will judge as well as a link to
the Judge Evaluation form to complete for each project.
While you are judging, please:
1. Be sure that none of your students are included in your project list. If you should later find your
list contains one of your students, email Mary the project ID as soon as possible.
2. Be aware that the project video should only be 5 minutes long. If a video is longer, please stop
watching at the 5 minute mark and base your score on the first 5 minutes of the video.
3. For Team Projects, enter the score for the team as a whole. If you have a situation where a
member is missing from a team presentation, please indicate that on the evaluation form in the
“additional comments” section.
4. Use the rubric as a guide, but score the project holistically. Since you do not have the ability to
interact with the student, use your best judgement, and provide benefit of the doubt to the student
when appropriate.
6. Consider that your evaluation form comments (not the score) will be provided to the student when
the fair is completed. We realize that an abstract and video alone are not ideal for a true judge of
students' research. Our goal for this year is to give students an outlet to share their research and to
receive from judges actionable feedback for making improvements to their research and/or
presentation skills.
7. There is an optional section "Additional Comments" at the end of the evaluation form. Please feel
free to use this section if there is something remarkable that the LISC committee should know
about the project (positive or negative).
Judging must be completed by: Friday, April 29th, 11:59pm
Thank you for your participation!
If you require a letter or certificate acknowledging your participation as a judge, please
contact Mary Kroll - mtkroll.lisc@gmail.com
Judge Evaluation Form - Preview