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Complete the sentences with one of the prepositions from the
1. We wanted to eat the typical food __________ the area, so we went to a local restaurant.
2. She's very fond __________ children. In fact, she wants to have two of her own.
3. I feel sorry __________ her. She doesn't deserve to be treated __________ such a bad
4. My dad is very pleased __________ my conduct in school.
5. Irish people are famous __________ their hospitality.
6. The district attorney is involved __________ one of the biggest crime cases in decades.
If we don't get to a petrol station soon, we'll be running __________ of gas.
The classroom is equipped __________ all the latest technical devices.
9. There
must be something wrong __________ John. He keeps locking himself up in his
10. I
am not used __________ running in this kind __________ weather.
11. .Are
you related __________ Harriet? You look exactly like her.
12. .Vegetables
and fruit are rich __________ vitamins.
13. I'm
very bad __________ cooking, so we often go __________ for meals. .
14. I'm
so tired __________ babysitting. Why don't you look __________ her for a while?
15. He
apologized __________ the remarks he made __________ us.
16. Jill is married __________ an Australian.
17. Based __________ the data we have, the party won't make it into parliament.
18. Don't get mad __________ me. I haven't done anything wrong.
19. Mom is worried __________ her sister. She doesn't seem to be herself __________ the
20. The chairman is responsible __________ all the wrong decisions he has made so far.
Write affirmative sentences in the correct word order.
1. with / you / have / flowers / any / needn’t / brought / you
2. at least / had / we / ten minutes / wait / for / to
3. were / they / when / I / a game / playing / the room / entered
4. a hat / she / on Sundays / goes / wears / she / usually / when / to church
5. early / was / in the morning / the sun / shining
6. used / drinking / is / in the morning / tea / to / she
would / he / understand / clearly / spoke / we / if /him
8. don’t / like / tonight / to the cinema / I / feel / going
9. as possible / managed / as soon / the / money / Harry / get / to
always / complaining / about / he / his work / keeps
11.forward / am / I / again / to / you / looking / seeing
12.watch / on / there / last night / nothing / to / TV / was
13.written / plays / has / up to now / several / my brother
14.$1/ would / if / gave / we / have / everyone / enough
Fill in the correct connectives and linking words from the list. There may be
more than one answer in some sentences
1. Take your camera with you, just _____________________ mine doesn't work.
2. _____________________ having muscle problems, the defender was able to play.
3. Bring an umbrella with you _____________________ it rains tomorrow.
4.Skiing is a safe sport _____________________ you obey the rules on the slope.
5. All flights to and from London have been cancelled _____________________ fog.
6. They arrived in time for the meeting _____________________ having to travel in
bad weather.
7. I like travelling by underground, _____________________ it gets pretty
crowded during rush hours.
8. She has been living in the country her whole life. _____________________, she
has decided she wants a change and plans on moving to the city.
9. We had a wonderful time in Barcelona. _____________________, transport
workers were on strike so we couldn't use the underground.
10._____________________ life was hard during the war, we managed to survive.
11._____________________ heavy traffic on the motorway, we couldn't make it in
_____________________ of the low temperatures during the winter, Moscow is
always worth visiting.
I can't come now _____________________ the children are ill, and I have to
look after them.
The economy collapsed, _____________________ the government had to resign.
15.You may go out with your friends tonight, _____________________ you never go
alone and stay with them all the time.
16.I already knew a lot about cybersecurity. _____________________, the
lecture was quite interesting.
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Read the text and fill in the gaps 1-5 with a correct
sentence A-G. Two sentences are extra.
During these difficult times, the need to find some way to escape and recharge is
perhaps even more important than it had been in years’ past.
As border restrictions begin to ease and economies — and hotels — begin to open up,
the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests staying home to stay safe.
Sticking close to home.
Industry watchers suggest people will start traveling by exploring their own backyard.
Henry isn't planning to cross the pond anytime soon; she's looking forward to her
summer vacation nonetheless.
"This is a chance to explore our own country," she says. "We have a list of hikes that
we've been meaning to get to and we just haven't taken the time because normally in
the summer we're taking the longer trips.
"Looking for wide open, outside
Driving to wide-open spaces will be more popular than usual as most people try to
maintain distance from each other and stay outdoors where the coronavirus is less
likely to spread.
Cleaner, safer hotels.
Every customer interaction with the hotel and its staff
will require to be viewed through a Covid-19 lens, such
as social distancing in dining rooms, hand sanitizers
throughout the property, masks for staff, self-opening
doors, etc.
A. Did COVID-19 ruin your summer vacation plans?
B. Even once lockdowns are lifted, there will be a tendency for people to stay
closer to home in the first few months due to feeling cautious and concerned
about Covid-19 and the potential for a second wave.
C. We keep COVID-19 from ruining our precious vacation time.
D. But it also has a long list of helpful considerations for those who are planning a
summer vacation anyway.
E. We suggest traveling to lesser known parks or heading to a lake with just your
family versus visiting a crowded beach.
F. Hotel guests will also start seeing more self-check-in and mobile key room entry.
G. This is a cool opportunity that we've been somewhat forced into, but it's turning
out to be a blessing.