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Use case diagram projet

Book purchasing
1. Name: BookPurchasing
2. Actor : librarian(primary, secondary)
3. Entry condition:
 Time period: October 15th to November 30th
 Time period: April 15th to May 31st
4. Exit condition:
 New books purchased
 Existing books renewed
 Number of books in the systems updated
 New books added in the system
5. Event flow:
 The agent looks for the planned courses of the
coming term
 For each class the agent notes the book required
 For each class the agent looks for the number of
enrolled students
 The agent checks in the system if the book is
available and how many copies are there
 The system gives the agent back the number of
books available
 The agent then buys the remaining books and add
them to the system
1. Name: BookDistribution
2. Actor : academic personal, student, librarian(primary,
3. Entry condition:
 Books in stocks
 Academic personal provides book code
 Student provides schedule listing book code, book
ISBN, book title, book author
4. Exit condition:
 Academic personal and student get book from
5. Event flow:
 Librerian look for the classes the student is
enrolled in
 For each class, librerian take one copy of the book
 Librerian records student or personal code, book
code, distributed date, academic personnel or
student signature.
 Librerian gives the books to the student (or
Use case name