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Chemistry Quiz: grade 7

Chemistry Quiz 1
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Choose the best option
1. All matter has volume and _______
a. Mass
b. Weight
c. Speed
d. Spirit
2. What is the most common element in the human body?
a. Nitrogen
b. Oxygen
c. Phosphorus
d. Hydrogen
3. Matter that is made up of only one kind of atom is called an________
a. Mixture
b. Element
c. Compound
d. Molecule
4. What is the space between molecules in a gass
a. Everything
b. Nothing
c. Air
d. Oxygen
5. The measure of how much matter there is in something.
a. Mass
b. Weight
c. Molecular capacity
d. Giggacovium
6. We use cubic metres and litres to measure_______
a. Weight
b. Density
c. Volume
d. Mass
7. The original two elements were hydrogen and __________
a. Oxygen
b. Helium
c. Cobalt
d. Philosopher
8. Which of these elements was made in a lab?
a. Cobalt
b. Oxygen
c. Oxygen
d. Moscovium
9. Something containing two or more substance that can be separated.
a. Atom
b. Element
c. Molecule
d. A mixture
10. A compound is made up of two or more__________.
a. Molecules
b. Elements
c. Substance
d. Mixtures
11. What common substance is made of sodium and chlorine?
a. Table salt
b. Table sugar
c. Copper crystals
d. Carbon dioxide
12. One ore more elements that are chemically combined are called a _______
a. Compound
b. Molecule
c. Element
d. Mixture
13. Liquid, gas, and solid are all examples of ________
a. Properties of pure substances
b. Water
c. States of union
d. States of matter
14. Which is not a property of pure substances
a. Density
b. Malleability
c. Lustre
d. Attitude
15. When atoms or molecules are arranged in an orderly way they form a _________
a. Lego block house
b. Crystalline structure
c. A super molecule
d. Crystal energy
16. The crystalline form of carbon is___________
a. Silicon
b. Glass
c. Diamond
d. Quarts
What kind of change is it
17. Freezing water________________
18. Wood burning________________
19. Cutting paper_________________
20. Baking a cake _________________
21. Tanning __________________
22. Digesting food _________________
23. Chopping food_________________
24. Chopping wood_________________
25. Give an example of a chemical change , how do you know it is a chemical change?