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1st Launch Debrief

Here goes my Launch Debrief which I was very ashamed of posting on Momentum, however I
had to get over it.
Ok, so my course is called Unlock Your Inner Expat: Learn how to find your career abroad. In
my course I am teach people how to design their own expat road map. I market to mid-career
professionals who have very busy adulting lives that seek work life balance and increased
savings by living and working abroad.
Things to Know: I did not have a list. List Building Strategy -I created a 2 Lead Magnets – 7 Day
Travel Companion & Top 20 Post-Covid Countries for Future Expats. I only promoted them on
my Social Handles and I received 10 people on my list.
Founding Members Launch: I promoted my FM’s launch in February on my IG and FB pages.
The people that follow me on these handles know me to live and work abroad and have been
following me for some time. In November, I posted an interest or engagement post which
garnered over 100 likes and about 80 comments. I retargeted these same individuals for the
FM launch which was $99 (dirt cheap) but no takers. I was stunned and felt defeated to say
the least, however I dusted myself off and prepped for my actual 30-Day Launch.
Content Schedule: I have been posted consistently since last Sept 2019 for people to get to
know me, understand my messaging. I post 3-5 post a week in the beginning but now 3 post is
the standard for me.
In mid-January, I launched a podcast called Global Connecting with Nyra Constant where I
converse with an expat from various countries around the word. I have been consistent in
dropping an episode weekly. I will be ending Season 1 end of May (18 episodes).
My Launch Offer: 5 modules; 8-weeks of LIVE Q&A in Members Only FB Group – 2 Bonuses (1st
Day purchase & Day before Cart Close Bonus)
Webinars: I did 3 webinars on 3 different times. I had on average 30 sign-ups for each. Turn up
even though small was pretty good. 1st Webinar 14 people showed. 2nd: 11 people showed 3rd:
9 people showed. I had two possible sales that did not convert. I even met with one person
and she definitely was interested but the issue was timing. I had a great FAB which was A
Guide to Negotiating Your First Contract and people did stay till the end. I had great feedback;
one said I should charge for the workshop 3 Ways to Ditch the Fear to Start Your Overseas
Sales: 10-day Cart Open which I felt was too long. Next time I will do 5-7 days. My Sales Page
was a bit of a personal triumph. I was supposed to do it with my copywriter, but she had to
leave. So, I wrote the Page in 1 night (exhausting) and uploaded it to Kartra Sales Page which
had some hiccups. I could not figure out how to link the Checkout page to my membership site.
I was back and forth with supports but I was under the gun. Support was great by the way.
They responded in good timing. I did my first webinar and the sales page had to go to a waitlist
Finally realize that I had to complete the product (membership site) and that was a shocker.
Finally finished it right before my 3rd webinar.
Another there thing was waiting to last minute to do email sequences. I will never do that
again. Not all were done or great because they were rushed. It didn’t do the allotted amount
suggested by Amy.
Lastly, Ads: I tried my hand at ads a week before my first webinar which I found out was really
too late. My first ad ran for 4 days as an engagement post. 250 people engaged with it. Then I
retargeted those warm leads, but I did not do a conversion ad. It was a Leads Ad for people to
sign-up. I spent only 150 dollars. I was really scared because I just did not know what I was
doing but I have a better idea today. I would like to consult with an Ads specialist in the future.
Also, I used an Affiliate who had a FB Travel Group of more than 500,000. He was really good at
sponsoring my post throughout my webinar campaign. Not as many people I thought signed up
through his site. I believe it’s because they are mostly travelers but not necessarily people who
are seeking to be expats or they are getting to know me for the first time.
A plus was I increased my list. I get to warm them up for my Fall Launch. I am working on List
Building strategies using Ads. If anyone has any other suggestions, then that would be greatly
I got through my first launch, so I want to make sure I do a 5-figure launch in the Fall.