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System Administration Overview

About the Role
• Most important role on NHS Jobs with
highest level of permissions
• Responsible for managing key aspects and
items used in recruitment in your
• Recommend at least 2, maximum 3
• In larger organisations can be supported
by assigning ‘HR Admin’ to someone else
in recruitment team
About the Role
• Initial & local support to users within your
• Helpdesk will support organisations using
NHS Jobs
• Helpdesk support is expected to be to system
– Recruitment officers & recruiting managers supported
locally by system administrators
• If this is a problem, contact the NHS Jobs Service
Manager through the helpdesk to discuss options
for support and/or training
HR Admin permission
• Users supporting system administrators
• Sub-set of the administration features can
be managed by other users
• Assign ‘HR Admin’ permission to user
• Can manage:
Restricted accounts
Affected by change accounts
Job packs
Documents and links
Role document library
Publishing paths
Admin Features
• Accounts for users in their organisation
• Standard information that is displayed to jobseekers on the
‘Employer Details’ page, and on job adverts.
• Standard letters, emails and reference request forms
• Additional questions for application forms, and ‘preapplication’ questions
• Templates for ‘score cards’
• Templates for vacancies
• ‘Job packs’ and associated documents and links
• Department names to be used for reporting purposes
• KPI time periods
• Publishing paths for vacancies
Stored email & letters
Dear [placeholder],
Your interview for [placeholder] will take place on [placeholder]….
You can put placeholders in your emails and letters. The system will automatically
replace them with the right details when the templates are used for real applicants.
Placeholder examples
The applicant’s title
The applicant’s surname
There are thirty different placeholders- you can see a full list online when you
create new letter or email templates.
Reference Requests
Editing Reference
Score Cards
Score cards
Enter a
name for the
score card
Enter the
name of the
section here,
and the
below it.
Enter criteria
for assessing
Click to add
more criteria
Publishing paths
Select a
type of
Enter the elapsed time (in
days) that will trigger the
move of a vacancy to the next
publishing stage.
System Administration
• Log-in to the employer side of NHS Jobs using the log-in
details given by your trainer.
• Add or edit a stored email or letter, then preview the result
• Add or edit a reference request form
• Add or edit a score card template