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00. The Thickest Thread Drama Activity (1)

The Thickest Thread Drama Activity
Directions for the group:
1) Mime that you are sailors on a boat.
2) One of you should make sound effects.
3) Move into three different levels without speaking and freeze.
4) One at a time, pick up the same imaginary piece of thread (mime). Try to pull it apart.
5) One at a time throw down the thread and say:
“This thread is too thick” (sad)
“This thread is too thick” (amazed)
“This stupid too-thick thread!” (angry)
“This thread is certainly too thick” (comforting)
6) Say in unison, “Let’s think.”
7) Walk in a coordinated way around your boat.
8) One at a time stop and say “Ah ha!” each using a different gesture
9) Form a huddle and chant over and over: “Break this thread. Break this thread!”
Mime pulling on the imaginary thread until it breaks
Fall down in a coordinated way
Stand up and take a bow