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Tenses in English

Tenses in English
V1 / V1 +(do – does)
+ I live here. She lives here.
- she does not here.
? Does she lives here?
Often, rarely, every day, usually,
occasitionally, always, as a rul.
I am a student.
2-Likes/dislike, opinions:
I don't think it's true.
3- Routines or reperted actions:
I go to the unifersity every day.
4- In clauses of time and condition:
I will pass the exam if you help me.
(when, while, often, before, as soon as,
until, if).
V2 (did + v2)
+I came here yesterday
-He didn't come here.
? Did you come….?
Yesterday, the day before yesterday, last,
the other day, ago.
1-A finished action in past :
I saw him yesterday.
2- Several actions in the psat:
I came home, had dinner and watched
Be (am / are / is) + V ing
+ I am working
- I am not working
? Are you working?
Now, at the moment, still, while.
1-An action in the progress right now :
I'm reading happening around me.
2- An action happening around now :
It's reading now, don't disturb me.
3- An interntion, a plan :
I'm leaving for Moscow tomottow.
(stative verbs : emotions, desires,
sense, possession, mental, to be)
Will + v1
+ I will come tomorrow
-she won't (will not) come tomottow,
? Will you come ……?
Tomorrow, soon, next week, someday,
Action , promise , offer , prediction for
I'll be back
Would + V1
Perfect continuous
Have / has + v3
+ I have done it.
-He hasn't done it.
? Have you done it?
Just, ever, never, yet, recently, already, for,
1-A past action with a result in the present :
I've lost my key. I can't find it.
2- An acrion started and hasn't finished yet:
We 've been friends for many years.
3- Experiences, things you've done/ haven't
doen in your life. Telling the news:
I've never been to Brazil.
4- A finished action in yet unfinished period:
I've seen him this morning.
NB! Don't use it in When questions
Had + V3
+ They had done it.
An action which had finished before some
other action happened in the past:
He had left when she came.
I had finished the reported by 5 p.m. yesterday.
Have/ has been + V ing
Will be + v ing
At this time tomorrow, still, the whole
morning tomorrow.
An action that will be in progress at some
point in the future:
I'll be sleeping at this time tomorrow.
Will have+ V3
You will have got my telegram before this letter
reaches you.
I will have done it by 5 p.m. tomorrow.
Will have been + V ing
I will have been living here for 5
years by next February
Would be + V ing
Would have + V3
Would have been + V ing
Be (was / were) + V ing
+ She was reading a book.
At this time yeaserday, still, the whole
evening yesterday.
1!-An action in progress in the past:
Yesterday at 7 p.m. I was sleeping.
He was reading when she came.
2- Two or more parallel actions:
I was reading while he was watching TV.
1-Recent continuous or repeated
I have been living here since
had been + V ing‫ا‬
She suddenly realized that it was
completely dark now and that
she had been sitting there for a
long time.