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Notes on North and Central America

Notes on North
and Central America
Facts about the Countries
Number of countries: 23 countries, as well as, more than two dozen
non-sovereign territories, including Bermuda, Aruba, the Cayman
Islands, Greenland, and Puerto Rico.
Location: In the Western and Northern Hemispheres
Most commonly spoken languages: English, Spanish, French
Important Countries #1
United States: Considered the most influential country in the world
● Fourth largest country in the world by area
● Capital: Washington, D.C.
● Government: Democratic republic
● Leader: President
● Primary language: English
● Organized by states
● Where we live!!!!
Important Countries #2
Canada: Ranked highest in quality of life
● Second largest country in the world by area
● Capital: Ottawa
● Government: parliamentary democracy
● Leader: Prime Minister
● Primary language: English/French
● Organized in provinces and territories
● North of the US
Important Countries #3
Mexico: Ranked fifth for keeping cultural heritage alive
● 13th largest country in the world by area
● Government: federal presidential republic
● Capital: Mexico City
● Leader: President
● Primary language: Spanish
● Organized as states
● South of the US
Important Countries- Interesting Facts
Panama: known for the Panama Canal, built between 1904-1914,
which allows ships to move from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean
without having to sail around Cape Horn (southern tip of South
Cuba: known for having a dictator named Fidel Castro who was a
communist; also for the Cuban Missile Crisis which almost led to
World War III
Haiti/Dominican Republic- Two countries that share the island of
Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea; the site of frequent devastating