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Critical thinking outline

Critical Thinking essay outline
A. Give an overview of the essay by Facione.
B. Present a clear thesis for the essay.
C. Provide personal views about the topic.
What is meant by the term ‘Critical Thinking’?
A. Quote from sources the meaning of critical thinking in a broader perspective.
B. Discuss about the need of critical thinking in any situation.
C. Discuss about the core critical thinking skills
How to think critically
A. Discuss about accepting mistakes and keep oneself open to learn new things for a
better approach towards life in general always.
B. Practice active listening and instill a sense of self awareness within.
Steps to become a critical thinker for the best
A. Question things around oneself to be more aware of their surroundings
B. Evaluation of existing evidence to build a better conclusion.
C. Try to gain a more inclusive and understanding perspective towards things.
A. Summarize the entire theme of critical thinking.
B. Stress about the significance of critical thinking.
C. Indicate the areas that can need further study.