Uploaded by Lina Marcela Bedoya Duque


Hello Dear Parents,
I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Lina Marcela Bedoya Duque,
Im from Cali- Colombia. I will be your Child’s Spanish teacher this year. Im a bilingual
English- Spanish teacher- bachelor’s in foreign languages; teacher with 12 years of
experience in Bilingual schools, especially in early childhood and elementary. I would
like to tell you a little bit about myself personally and profesionally and also share
with you my expections with your children during this new school year.
Im pasionate, disciplined, expressive and empathetic person. Im married, my
husband is a teacher too. Im glad to be here in U.S in this school having this
awesome experience teaching Spanish.
Something that I would like to share with you is that teaching is my passion that allow
me to create bonds with students. I like to know who your child is and the more I
know about your child, the better I can effectively meet his needs in my class. I treat
my students as an individual considering his skills, needs, interest and learning
styles with the purpuse of guide and support them to achieve their goals in their own
processes, and helping them to be aware and recognize their strenghts and mistakes
and learning from them to empower them with their ups and downs that acomplish
a crucial role in their learning process.
Part of my goal as an educator is to spark curiosity in the minds of students. During
my time in your child’s class, I hope to excite your child about the world of learning
and broaden his or her academic interests.
I would like to let you know that in my experience as a teacher I have worked with
Project based learning it is an Excellent teaching method that helps the students to
learn better and also to aply their knowledge and skills in their real world in order to
have a meaningful learning. Furthermore, I also enjoy working in learning centers
with a focus on develop their skills, cooperative learning, and to engage the students
with the learning process because when a student is motivated the learning will be
easy and deep. I would like to apply all my knowledge and teaching strategies to
teach Spanish no only as a language if not as a cultural bridge that allow the child to
open their world vision. Like the kids Im excited to be able to share this cultural
experience being sure that it will contributes in my profesional and personal life as
For me, the team work is the key, I would like to work closely together with you and
I belive frequent communication is vital in order to help our kids succeed. If you need
me, don’t doubt to contact me.
This year our class will be full of learning, hapiness and love. My goal is to make this
school year the best it can be for each student in my class. Im Excited to meet your
kids and you as well.
Sincerly, Miss Lina Bedoya