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How to construct an EPL Paragraph Guide

Guide to EPL Paragraph Writing
Opening sentence/s (no more than two) that outlines the argument or idea you are
attempting to prove in the paragraph.
This is where you develop or ‘build’ understanding for the reader by educating them on the
aspect of your topic that you are exploring in your paragraph.
The Who/Where/When: Who/Where/When does the reader need to know about to
understand your evidence and argument?
To do this you should/could explain:
o Context
o Key information e.g. Time periods, dates, figures, location
o Key concepts
PROVE – 50%
Justifying/showing your argument through introduction, analysis and integration of
Analysis of Evidence (always be specific):
o The What - What does this reveal about my argument? : Identify the information the
evidence provides and how the evidence provides this information (can use
o The Why – Why does this evidence help prove my argument?: Explain how this
information informs/supports your argument and what insight it provides (can
consider the role POCMA plays when considering the value of the source to your
LINK – 20%
The How - How does this contribute to my overarching argument?: LINK the argument made
in the EDUCATE & PROVE sections to your thesis statement by explaining how the point you
have proven using evidence supports it.
This is important as it ensures the relevance of the paragraph within the whole response by
showing how your argument clearly contributes to your overall response to the question.
Without this, the reason for the inclusion of this specific argument and evidence will be
unclear, weakening your response.