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I Am Poem Organelles

“I Am” Poem: Organelles
You will create an “I Am” poem of the organelle given to you. Use your
computer/internet to research and help you create your poem.
Your poem MUST consist of the following information:
I am located _________________ (you can tell which cell it is in or which
organelle it is near)
I look like _____________________ (what does the organelle look like)
I am a part of __________________ (what process is the organelle a part
of? Ex: Translation)
I remind people of ______________ (what object do we use to remember
the organelle)
Without me, the cell could not (this focuses on the function of the
Who am I?
***You MUST ALSO DRAW IT on the long white paper that has
been given to you. ***
*For extra points and goodies, you can make the poem rhyme or come up
with your own lines. Whomever has the best poem will get a treat!