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Pedigree Problems

Pedigree Problems
1. Zach normal married Josie carrier and they had three children Holleigh 7
infected, Molly3 carrier, Pauly 16 normal. Pauly got married to Paulina carrier and
they couldn’t have children so they adopted, BUT after adoption they had a child
who was a male and was infected. Molly married Jose` normal and has 3 children
Jezebelle 6 infected, Claudette 2 carrier, Pedro 1 normal. Holleigh marries Napolean
normal and have 3 kids Rainbow16 carrier, Stream 7 normal and Kim 2 carrier.
Holleigh and Napolean divorce because of a dislike of llamas, and Holleigh marries
Dave, they adopt Gru.
2. Jeremiah normal for albinism married Desi carrier. They had 5 children
Claudette 3 carrier, Mesa Female 9 infected, Johnny 13 normal, Blaine 1 infected,
and Lawry male 20 normal. Lawry married Sassy infected and they had identical
twins who were both carriers. Claudette married Mitchell normal and they had 1
child Merrie who is infected. Merrie dies in a boating accident and Claudette and
Mitchell divorce. Mesa never marries, but does adopt a child. Johnny marries
Cindra who is a carrier and they do not have any children. Blaine marries
Klamantha carrier and they have 10 children. Mollie 21 who is infected, Clara 13
who is normal, Grady 3 who is infected, Grey 8 who is normal, Gladys 4 who is a
carrier, Cassandra 15 who is infected, Gracy Female 18 who is normal, Zeibra 14
female who is a carrier, and Zantron 5 who is infected.
After you do the pedigree, check to see if there are any "impossibilities" in the