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Final GDB

First of all, this type of study system helps a student to get more interaction with the faculty to clear
discussion on different topics. Online based study provides comfortable learning environment to those
students who have suffered with geographical distances and physical disabilities. In my opinion, online
classes are really working well for us because it encourages us to improve technical skills. It also gives
everyone equal rights and opportunities to speak and express their opinions to others. This is a very
convenient way to get perfect knowledge. The method of teaching in online study is very effective
because it creates self motivation and sense of responsibility. I think this system thoroughly provokes
ability to understand and concentrate on different topics of study as it also reduces pressure and
difficulties among the students. Online study’s cost is very effective because it offer a lot of savings and
there are no additional charges for transportation and accommodation. Like as in traditional classes,
that takes place at a specific location in a classroom with specified time. However, in online system,
students can study any course at any time in a day or night with complete course of content at their own
That's all from my side