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Angelika L. Ruperto
April 10, 2021
BS Medical Technology – Level I
MT 12 (LAB) – J
A Critique Paper:
Understanding the Clinical Concept of Venipuncture Using the Syringe Method
In the medical field especially in the diagnostic section, various methods and procedures
are developed to cope with the changes in the environment and the human body in order to provide
better treatment and other healthcare services for the patient. Venipuncture in phlebotomy is one
of the clinical laboratory procedures performed to obtain specimen blood sample from a vein for
diagnostic purposes performed using two methods, the syringe and evacuated tube method. The
syringe method manual draws blood from the vein. This is a conventional technique which is
highly used because of its practicality and is considered as an efficient way of drawing blood from
the human body. This written critic paper focuses on the importance and the effectivity of
venipuncture using the syringe method procedure.
The video presentation watched encapsulates the concept of venipuncture, the proper
execution of the procedure, and the overall patient care before, during, and after performing this
technique. Various researches have approved its use and it is widely integrated in all medical
institutions and clinics as part of their clinical procedure. Although all medical procedures are
regarded of importance, venipuncture is ranked as one of the most essential and the initial
procedure performed for the majority of diagnostic tests. Moreover, having the skill for this
technique is highly needed in the medical technology course.
Venipuncture has been practiced for many centuries and is still one of the most common
invasive procedures in health care. Performing this may differ in different locations. For example,
hospitals or clinics in 1st world nations have a more advanced technological approach and easy
execution of this technique as compared to the 3rd world nations. Despite of this, both embrace the
idea of proper patient care and the overall concept of venipuncture. Phlebotomists in general or as
observed in the Philippines always take into consideration performing venipuncture with care as
well as observing the Universal Precautions to protect both the patient and the allied health
professional themselves. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves and surgical masks
should always be used in handling the specimens obtained. Proper identification of the patient is
the first step in any procedure. As learned from the previous topics, misidentification of the patient
and mislabeling are mortal sins of a medical technologist.
As a medical technology student, it is essential to master the skill in performing
venipuncture. The video was a very helpful tool which aids the students to visualize the syringe
method. Furthermore, it served as a representation of the actual performance done. The
phlebotomist has properly and clearly showed a detailed execution and effective explanation on
the said technique. Venipuncture is an important clinical procedure which is why it is also
important to understand its clinical concepts and to master effective and proper execution of this