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SIN Player Contract (1)

Jordan Lim
Email: shadowofintent_es@outlook.com
Mobile: 0451 246 704
Discord: Jol#0444
Shadow of Intent Player Contract
I would like to personally thank you for taking your time to complete the SIN trial and congratulations
for being one of the lucky 5 chosen to be part of the core team. The goal of our organization is to have
the best professional gaming teams no matter which title, whether it be; Valorant, Fortnite, Apex
Legends and etc. Another priority for us is to also become a globally recognized brand using excellent
strategic marketing techniques.
This document is a mutually binding agreement in the form of a contract to state terms and conditions
of joining SIN. Please note that this is done to protect both parties; the organization and players from
any hearsay situations.
Please note that when the document is signed and returned the following will happen:
A copy will be printed and stored safely
A copy will be sent to the player involved
The terms and agreement as a requirement to join SIN will be listed below. Ensure all details are read
thoroughly and double check all aspects of the agreement as breaching the terms will result in heavy
penalties dependent on the circumstance. If you have any questions regarding the contract, please do
not hesitate to contact me with the details provided on the form above.
Terms of agreement
You will be required to play under the name “Shadow of Intent” (SIN) for the duration of the
You will be required to play with the tag “SIN” in your name.
SIN will provide a jersey to all signed members of the core team with their chosen name on the
Disrespectful behavior WILL NOT be tolerated.
We WILL NOT condone players who portray SIN in a negative manner on social media, live
streams and recorded videos. Players who do so will receive punishments for infringing the
organization brand (REFER TO 1.1).
SIN takes no responsibility for players that use cheats in game, anyone caught doing so will be
immediately removed from the organization and stripped of all association.
Contracts will be reviewed half yearly (every 6 months) and if necessary, will be changed if
All attributable League fees/subscriptions for the SIN teams will be paid by the organization,
players who have been paid for must stay for the duration of the contract. If the player FAILS to
do so without reasonable cause (listed below) the player is required to compensate the
organization for the fees paid (section 1.3).
Reasonable cause:
- If the player is involuntarily removed due to any breach of agreement.
- If the scenario is deemed appropriate by the manager/owner
Prize money won from tournaments will be distributed as follows:
Initial costs of fees are taken, 15% of remaining amount is paid to the organization and the
remaining balance will be distributed among the players evenly. Please note that as the organization
grows revenue, the total pay of all players will be increased and negotiated.
SIN will provide all overlays for YouTube, Twitch and similar platforms if required.
It is mandatory for all players to wear the apparel provided by SIN to all LAN events to represent
the organization and its sponsors unless the following circumstances occur:
- The jerseys/apparel are not yet provided
Any players under SIN MUST abide by all third-party platforms rules such as Let’s Play Live, Faceit,
ESEA and etc.
All players must do everything in their power to stay physically and mentally fit to ensure they are
performing their best, failure to do so will result in penalties within subsection A.
All players must be punctual to the minute for scrims and tournament matches (refer to
subsection A).
Players are required to have a team meeting once a week designated by the manager (exact time
must be suitable for all players).
All players are required to perform according to the metrics selected by myself, refer to subsection
A 1.4 if not met.
All players will be on a probational period for 3 months and can be dismissed until completed.
Players can receive penalties in sub section A if no longer performing well with the team, or
intentionally playing poorly.
Subsection A
1.1: Immediate dismissal
1.2: Suspension/Transferred from core team to a substitute player
1.3: Fees or costs paid by the organization will be compensated by the player
1.4: Additional training required
If additional information is required or you have concerns with this contract, please feel free to contact
me via discord or mobile provided above. Once again, thank you for choosing SIN and please read all
terms carefully
By signing this document, the player fully understands, agrees and will comply with the terms and
conditions above. The individual also understands that all information provided is true and correct,
any willful dishonesty may render for refusal of this application or immediate termination of the
This contract is made between _______________________ and Shadow of Intent to fully represent
the organization as a core player for the Valorant roster dated ______/________/_______. This
contract is valid until 21 December, 2021.
Date of Birth: _________________
Email: _______________________
Signature ____________________
Parent/Legal Guardian _________________________
Thank you for taking your time to go through all the terms and condition to this agreement and I wish
you the absolute best of luck in representing SIN. Once again congratulations.
Jordan Lim