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IGCSE Descriptive Essay Organiser

What is the reason for writing your
Is there movement?
What or who do you want to describe
within the scope of the question?
Your main point.
What can you hear?
What can you see?
What can you feel touch?
What can you taste?
Essay Main Topic
Describe a busy port
or harbour.
What can you smell?
What do you feel with your ‘heart?’
What do you think?
Specific details (supporting topics) you think of.
The direction you want take is supported by your
Who is/are the character(s)?
Physical Traits
Loving hands, always smiling,
hair tied up in a messy bun
Non-Physical Traits
Soft spoken, laughed a lot
What makes this person so
memorable? (Emotive
Did they hold a special place in
your hear or have a pivotal
impact on you?
What other little details do you notice?
Event / Experience
A particular building/ place?
A scene at a shopping mall,
work place, school etc.
An outdoor /indoor function
A holiday destination
When – Is the topic
taking place at night or
during the day?
What details can you include to ensure
that your reader get a vivid impression
that is imbued with your emotion or
Why is this particular instance important?
Why is this place important?
Is there anything specific that stands out in your
How did the surroundings remind you of other
places you have been?
Object/ Thing
What are the particular qualities that you want to
focus on?
Why is it your favourite?