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Copy of Area Lesson Plan

Students will be able to find the areas of
polygons by composing and decomposing
them into other shapes and be able to
solve problems with these techniques.
Let’s Review!
• What is perimeter?
• When do we need to find the
perimeter of a shape?
• What are the 3 formulas we can
use to find perimeter of a shape?
• If the outside of a shape is called
perimeter, what is the space
inside of the perimeter called?
• When do we need to find the
area of a shape?
• How are perimeter and area
related and how are they
So how do we find the area of a shape?
Let’s find out.
Let’s Recap…
Rectangle with dimensions:
4 inches by 3 inches
We use the formula L x W. What is 4 x 3?
Same shape divided into 12 unit squares
My backyard
• How do I find out how much
fencing I need for my backyard?
• How do I find out how much
grass I need to cover the ground?
Measurements of my backyard:
Length = 10 feet
Width = 6 feet
• Find Perimeter and Area for the following:
• Post-It
• Blue Sheet of Paper
• Chromebook
Let’s see what we learned!
Assignment: Complete worksheet: Area of a Rectangle