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Assignment MPU 3122 11022022

MAY / 2019
MPU 3122
This course of Islamic civilization and Asian civilization is a concept lesson of human
history. This study was helping me to get knowledge and viewing a different patterns of
human life in earlier times, especially socially and economically. In addition, it shows the
life and culture that has been lost because of the passage of time. This let me to know and
learn about long life a moment ago. Most interesting on the China civilization.
When I learned about this lesson there were some challenges I faced myself. The biggest
challenge for me is to understanding the course and content and dividing time. I majored
in psychology focusing more on the use of mind and memory. As well as the courses of
Islamic civilization and Asian civilization which also involve the use of the mind to
understand something in particular for the written histories. On the other hand, I have to
prepare a time Gantt chart to fixed and balance up the schedule on my working, family
and to learning of this course which really challenge me which more than 15 years
already in Scholl after I finished my Diploma in year 2004.
To further improve the learning quality of this course, and I was suggest to include
information and technology, such as video display to show each of civilization period and
current status and getting know more in visualize or in 3D mode on the equipment, tools
and description of the life during of this Islamic civilization and Asian civilization. This
was assist and create more interesting to learner for knowledge and understanding on
what been actual content in this course.
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