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Data Loss Prevention DLP Service - Aurora IT

DLP Service
Effectively implemented DLP programs measurably reduce
enterprise risk. In addition to being saleable and operationally
efficient, a mature Data Loss Prevention Program is adaptable
enough to handle business process changes or corporate
What is Data Loss Prevention?
Software & hardware that prevents sensitive data from accessing,
using, sharing and leaking are classified as data loss prevention.
Aurora's client requests CyberSecOp DLP and Cloud Access
Security Broker to manage data protection as a service. It is
critical for any business to protect its data; Aurora's Data Loss
Prevention DLP Services will help you protect your business
from any security breach.
How does DLP work?
DLP can be approached in two ways:
Context analysis examines only metadata and other
document properties, such as headers, sizes, and formats.
Content Analysis- Analyzing a document's content to
determine if it contains sensitive information
Both of these solutions are incorporated into modern DLP
solutions. DLP first examines a document's context to determine
if it can be classified. Content awareness is then used to examine
the document's content.
Content awareness can take several forms:
Rule-Based- By using rules or regular expressions, the
content of a document can be analyzed, for instance, credit card
numbers or social security numbers. Since it is easy to configure
and process, this filter is very effective as an initial filter but is
usually combined with other techniques.
Dictionary- DLP solutions use dictionaries, taxonomies,
and linguistic rules to identify concepts in unstructured data that
indicate sensitive information. This step will require
customization of the data.
Creating an "exact match of the Data" - a fingerprint is
made for the data and is searched against a database dump of the
same data. Though this can affect the performance as it involves
the creation of a data dump.
File matching - created by generating a hash of the entire
file and searching for files with the same hash. With the accuracy
of this method, there is a downside too, and this method cannot
be used for multiple versions.
Document matching on a partial basis - can identify files
with content that matches in part, for example, a form that two
different users filled out.
Statistical Analysis- Machine learning algorithms have
been developed to use Bayesian analysis to identify content that
violates a policy or contains sensitive information.
Data Loss Prevention As A Service (DLPAAS)
Many teams are involved in Data Loss Prevention, and all layers
of technologies must be used to prevent data loss effectively.
Experienced DLP integrators are necessary to implement these
technologies effectively. Most DLP initiatives have failed due to
poor planning, poorly executed deployments, and badly
configured policies.
Across all leading data protection vendors, we have decades of
experience and knowledge. Our DLP service portfolio includes● Vendor-agnostic technology evaluation
● DLP Proof of Concept management
● Solution architecture and design
● Solution implementation and integration
● DLP program design and optimization
The Benefits Of Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Tools like Data Loss Prevention (DLP) keep data secure at rest,
in transit, and use and alert you if it's not protected adequately.
Nevertheless, an organization with thousands of employees and
millions of documents should expect to receive a significant
volume of DLP alerts every day. Security operations teams can
easily get overwhelmed by the flood of alerts.
How do DLP and CASB work together?
Cloud-based DLP solutions aren't always available. When an
organization migrates data to the cloud, it should ensure that it
follows the same security policies as to when the data was onpremise. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can be
effectively integrated with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies
to extend DLP policies into the cloud. Cloud Access Security
Brokers monitor traffic flowing in and out of the cloud and apply
DLP policies to that data.
Aurora's DLP Services
DLP experts at Aurora are available to help with DLP services'
implementation, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Data that is
sensitive will first be defined and classified based on its level of
sensitivity. Providing visibility into how data at rest and data in
motion is moving and what controls are currently in place will be
done by monitoring both. During our assessment of your current
DLP, we will identify areas of improvement.